These are replicas of the 2010 World Cup Africa soccer ball that are in stock now! They are NOT the official match balls, but way more affordable for souvenirs, gifts, kids and frugal collectors.

Size 3, 4 & 5 practice balls and souvenir replica Jabulani Soccer Balls Officially Licenced by Adidas for fans to collect, sell and play with. The best deal though is the TEN SOCCER BALL SET of Jabulani Replicas Priced at Only US $119.99. That's only $11.99 for each soccer ball!
The replica Jabulani ball is a great idea to buy as gifts for South African kids if you are traveling to SA for the match. They can be packed deflated and then inflated when you get there. You will never forget how happy these kids will be to actually hold one of these balls, let alone have one gifted to them.

There are a few different designs of the replica Jabulani, just as there are in the official match ball version.
On this store page, you will find the store listings for the following replica balls:

2010 Jabulani Mini Ball Buy Online

Replica Africa jabulani Ball

Hot Pink Jabualni Replica Ball

Beckham Red Starfinder Jabulani Size 4 Soccer Ball

adidas World Cup Jabulani team set soccer balls size 3

Black Jabulani Replica Soccer Ball Buy Online

Jabulani Mini Ball

African World Cup Replica Jabulani

Hot Pink Jabulani World Cup Replica

Beckam Red Starfinder Jabulani

Team Sets of 10 Jabulani Replicas

Black Jabulani


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